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Our true self is the source of all bliss and knowledge within. Inclusive of all, excluding nothing, this state of realization reveals to us the real nature of life. Our mind is like dust gathered through million journeys. It is not our real being that is restless, disturbed or looking for peace. The wind of desires and fear stirs the mind, and that is nothing but a reflection of the sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. How do we take back the control from our mind and go beyond it, to the self which is changeless? Through this retreat we will bask in the knowledge of yoga, break through our own limitations and revel in this gift of life. A deep dive into the core of our being. Recognition, acceptance and immense love for our own self. Yoga is nothing but centering, moving towards the center, getting rooted there, abiding there. Only through total surrender, total transformation is possible! We welcome you to join us in this experimental, existential and experiential sacred journey, within.

This smooth transition would be facilitated by the enchanting power that Anjanagiri holds. Located at the foothills of Rangaswamy Perumal Temple, this quaint place is conducive to growth and learning at all planes of our being. There is a mystical story behind the discovery of this ancient temple! One can easily feel the powerful presence of the divine in this magical tea estate.
The retreat contribution would go to the Nilgiris Adivasi Welfare Association, a charitable NGO founded by Padmashri Dr. S. Narsimhan in 1958. They work for the welfare and upliftment of the Nilgiris tribal communities. You can read more about their work at – www.nawatribes.org
This retreat is open for all levels of practitioners.
Yoga is the science of freeing yourself from subject and object boundaries, and unless we are free from these boundaries, we will keep falling prey to our own delusional mind. Before we know, we get stuck to a set pattern that starts governing our life and we begin to lose control. Yoga and meditation enable us to steer through our own life’s challenges. In this retreat you will be provided with practical tools to recognize and empower your innate personality and get in tune with your innermost being. Yoga is dying to the past. A rebirth. It allows us to keep a balance between embracing and letting go.
The whole purpose of yoga is to bridge the gap between our gross, subtle and causal body. It is the beginning of our personal inner journey, to discover truth. In this week long experiential journey, get ready to stretch reasons to its logical extremes. Only then you can reach a point where you cannot go beyond, and the beyond remains.
Inclusions in the retreat fee –
1. Daily Yoga classes – (Traditional Ashtanga/ Hatha)
2. Daily Meditation- (Modern / Contemporary methods)
3. Shatkarma (Cleansing practices)
4. Vedanta Sessions
5. Group activities
6. Chanting
7. Movement therapy
8. Nature walks
9. Hiking
10. Acquaintance with the local tribes
11. Three Organic Vegetarian meals / day
12. Cottage Accommodation (single/double occupancy)
13. Cultural evenings
14. Certificate of participation
Nearest airports – Coimbatore (2.5 hours) | Bangalore (6 hours)
Nearest Railway Stations – Coimbatore | Mysore | Bangalore
You can reserve your spot by making a deposit (online transfer) of INR 5000/-
The early bird retreat price is INR 35,000/- (applicable on bookings made before or on 20th October)
Standard price – INR 45,000/- (applicable on bookings made post 20th October)
Note- ‘‘Alumni Discount” is available for participants who have enrolled with us before. Kindly get in touch with us for your coupon code.
Bank details-
Yoga Surya International
Account number- 50471623437
IFSC- ALLA0210319
Preferable mode of payment is bank transfer.
Alternatively, you can buy tickets on the link below (handling charges may apply) .
Due to the nature of the retreat, there are ‘limited spots’ available.
Once you complete your registration, you will be sent out further instructions regarding the retreat with a list of essentials to bring along.
Please feel free to connect for any further queries and details-
+91 8090801818
Moving deeply into your source, explore the essence of your being.
We invite you to enjoy this experiential journey with us, in the mystical Nilgiris.