Shri. Veda Chaitanya (Ajay L. Bobade)
Shri. Veda Chaitanya (Ajay L. Bobade)Yogacharya
Shri. Veda Caitanya (Ajay Bobade MA., MSc.) was born in 1977, in Pune, Maharashtra, in a traditional Brahmin family. With a family background rich in Hindu rituals, Sanskrit literature, Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology, he has studied yoga since childhood with the teachers from the Patanjal Institute of Yoga in Pune. After studying and working in the field of IT and physics, he further continued his studies in the Vedic traditions. He studied Vedanta and Sanskrit with Swami Dayananda Saraswati at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore, where he attended the three and half year residential course. (Parallely, he completed Master’s degree with specialization in Psychology of religion from Annamalai University.) At Swami Dayananda’s ashram, he also studied with another important teachers and philosophers such as Swami Siddhabodhananda and Swamini Pramananda . He also studied individually the technique of yoganidra with Swami Satyananda (Bihar School of Yoga) and prenatal education in Manashakti Ashram, Lonawala. After completing his studies at Swami Dayananda’s, he spent months contemplating in Gangotri and Tapovan. He was invited to teach teachers training programs in Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh and at international yoga festivals there and in Hungary.
Shri. Veda Caitanya is a member of International Yoga Therapy Association and a certified teacher of Yoga Alliance (currently the most influential Yoga association worldwide).
In 2006, he moved to the Czech Republic, Central Europe, to live a quiet life committed to studies and teaching of Yoga, Vedanta and Ayurveda. He is the founder of Yoga Surya International, Academy of Yoga and Vedic Studies, conducting intensive study programs based on the traditional values of yoga with an academic approach as an alternative to the modern yoga trends. The courses are open to everyone – both to those without a previous knowledge and to those who think that they already know a lot, teachers included. Welcomed are those who respect the traditional way of teaching Yoga centered around the interpretation of the original ancient Indian yogic texts (see Our message link). The activities are centered in Yoga Surya institute in the town of Hradec Králové where students come from all over the Czech and Slovak Republic for long-term regular study courses. Yoga Surya is run by Veda Caitanya and Czech teachers educated by him.
Nidhi Singh
Nidhi SinghInstructor
An impassioned seeker of life, Nidhi is an ardent practitioner of traditional ashtanga yoga since a decade and considers herself on a mission to spread this life-changing practice at grass-roots level across the globe. She is a certified yoga instructor and has been exclusively trained in mindfulness leadership and coaching (UpRising Leadership Program, England).
She has a rich experience in facilitating groups into mindfulness, yoga and meditation in India and abroad. She is proactively involved in conducting regular workshops with the youth, women and corporate organisations on building awareness, restoring mind-body connection, relaxation, self-healing, communication, etc.
Her deep understanding of yogic principles, simple yet powerful pedagogical skills help her in leading people into deeper spaces of balance, centeredness and transformation through yoga. She thoroughly enjoys experimenting with meditation groups based on methodologies of Vedanta, Zen, Tao, Buddhism, Sufism, etc.
Nidhi holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from University of Bedfordshire in the UK. Before transitioning into teaching yoga full time, she was working with Zara as a management consultant in London.
Nidhi is the Managing trustee of Yoga Surya International which is based in the Czech Republic. She facilitates their Indian courses/retreats. Her desire to share this life-altering practice is the outcome of her own profound experiences through her spiritual journey.